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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Where did your name come from and what does it mean ?  
A: Our founder Jawole is inspired by many different things. Jazz is one of the biggest sparks for her creative mind.  The name she chose was inspired by a jazz album by Art Ensemble of Chicago called Urban Bushmen.  Jawole liked how the name invoked the idea of the urban city and jungle - or bush - at the same time and identified a unique blend of modern and ancestral roots, just like Urban Bush Women calls upon. 

Q: How can UBW come perform in my city or at my college?  
A: We love that you want us to come to your community!  It's helpful if you contact your local arts presenter and/or college and ask them to bring us to you.  The more people asking for us to perform, the better.  You also can contact us directly if you're interested in having us perform or teach or give a speech for a special event.

Q: Does UBW offer classes?  
A:  UBW doesn't have a school and doesn't offer regular dance classes.  We do offer workshops and classes for those interested in bringing us to them.  You can learn more about these here.

Q: When does UBW hold auditions?
A: The Company does not hold auditions every year.  Generally we hold auditions in the summer if we are seeking to replace a dancer, so please check our website for information and be sure you've signed up for our monthly email newsletter, which we use to notify our community of important news. Sign up here.

Q: Do you offer internships?
A: Yes!  All year long, we offer opportunities to high school, undergraduate and graduate students to learn about everything that is part of arts management:  programming, touring, marketing, media, events, creative support and more. For more information, contact us at info@urbanbushwomen.org.

Q: How can I interview Jawole for my school project ?
A: Unfortunately Jawole's time is pretty limited considering her busy schedule with UBW and her teaching at Florida State University in addition to her other creative projects.  It is rare to be able to interview her, but you can contact us at info@urbanbushwomen.org to make a request. Often we can help you and if not, a dancer may be able to answer your artistic questions via email.

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