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Watch the 2016 SLI Culminating Performance Below

2016 UBW Summer Leadership Institute: You, Me, We from Urban Bush Women on Vimeo.



You, Me, We

Understanding Internalized Racial Oppression and How it Manifests in Our Artistic Community


July 22- 31, 2016  |  Brooklyn, NY

SLI Locations will be Gallim Dance, BRIC, and LIU Kumble Theater


After moving our Summer Leadership Institute (SLI) to New Orleans in response to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, UBW is coming home to Brooklyn!  July 22 – 31, 2016. UBW often uses the movement metaphor of Core & Distal to talk about our dance practice as well as our community engagement practice.  As we teach in our Entering, Building and Exiting Community (EBX) workshop, engaging our core—our own bodies, identities and communities—is essential for maintaining clarity and stability as we engage the distal—other bodies, identities and communities. This return to Brooklyn signals an opportunity for us at UBW to strengthen and re-engage our core arts community of NYC. 


In this spirit of homecoming, this summer’s Institute will examine Internalized Racial Oppression as it manifests both for People of Color and White people and how these manifestations show up in our organizing, creations and collaborations.  Do we find ourselves striving for pre-defined ideas of beauty and excellence? Does our work challenge or recreate dominant frameworks and systems of policing that ignore history, culture, power and lineage? How can we explode predetermined expectations, restore our full humanity and activate our true strength? At You, Me, We - we will find our individual and collective power together!


JOIN us in learning how to employ a structural analysis of racism and disrupt its ability to remain embedded yet unexamined in our work, workplaces, institutions and art-making—even when we have good intentions.  In partnership with People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, classes will be taught by UBW’s BOLD (Builders, Organizers & Leaders through Dance) facilitators.


At this 10-day institute we will deepen our understanding of UBW’s “BOLD" approach to art-making, community organizing and social change by focusing on:


BOLD Leadership

Cultivating ourselves as art-centered leaders capable of galvanizing and facilitating change with values that reflect the philosophy and methodology of UBW and our partner organization, People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond. 

Developing a clear analysis of racism and strategic action plans to move forward in our creative work and organizing.


BOLD Collaboration & Art-Making

Holding the values that help us work together effectively, while acknowledging our assets and creating together.

Creating art based on collective learning & research, and engaging in public dialogues

Using UBW’s choreographic and creative processes as the bedrock for creating, learning, building, and finding power together while examining our assumptions about our work and organizing. 

Creating multi-genre performances that are intentionally complex and rich with our power. 


Our core workshops will be:

Dance For Every Body; Entering, Building and Exiting Community; Understanding and Undoing Racism® Community Organizing Workshop (by the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond - PISAB); Asset Mapping; and Using Research to Create Performance


The Summer Leadership Institute is the ideal place to turn challenges into opportunities for finding your/our power – artistically, individually and collectively. Study with Urban Bush Women and our powerful partner, The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond, in addition to dozens of experienced artists and organizers from around the country who make up the SLI faculty! 

You, Me We – Join the Movement!

For more information email sli@urbanbushwomen.org or join our mailing list using the "Join Us" link at the top of the UBW website.

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